Creativity Workshops Offered by Maria Taveras

Upcoming Creativity Workshops
To find out about upcoming creativity workshops offered by Maria Taveras, get in touch with her by e-mail or telephone.
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Over the years Maria Taveras has offered a variety of creativity workshops that combine the topics of dreams, imagination, and art. Each year she continues to offer these workshops for small groups of people. Participants in these workshops include both members of the general public and members of the psychotherapy professions. Usually the format is a one-day all-day workshop or a one-evening-a-week five-week workshop. All of the workshops are interactive hands-on experiences in creative expression. Maria Taveras shows participants how to engage the unconscious in an intimately personal way. Using colored pencils or modeling clay, they draw or sculpt images that emerge from their own unconscious. They individually share what they think and how they feel about these experiences and then, as a group, they collectively describe and discuss the creative process.

The following are examples of creativity workshops that Maria Taveras has offered over the years.